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Bathroom vanities and bathroom built-ins are another area where we shine—particularly historic or vintage style bathrooms. Bathrooms make or break a home. And thoughtful, experienced, well-designed bath cabinets and trim make or break a bathroom. We know how to massage every square inch of usable space out of a bathroom—without making it feel cramped or busy.

Bathroom cabinets can be the single-most striking feature in your bathroom. And whether you’re looking to accent sink, counters, or tile work, you’ll find beautiful solutions at Custom Cabinets Houston.

Our custom vanities are built and finished locally in our local shop. We have a specialized crew working together to create your custom bathroom cabinets. As the industry changes rapidly, we too are consistently improving and updating to continually provide you with top quality products.

Custom Cabinets Houston offers a multitude of different styles for your bath so that you are sure to find one that suits your home and personal tastes perfectly. Our hard wood selection is endless, from your standard maples and cherryies to exotic choices such as African mahogany, and even sustainable options such as Bamboo. Our cabinets are also stained and finished in house locally at our shop to ensure top quality.